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Rogue LX205B 5-String Series III Electric Bass Guitar Review

By Bass Guitar Dojo / January 4, 2020

Rogue LX205B: A Five String Metallic Bass I will never forget seeing the incredible Sir Paul McCartney live at Madison Square Garden a few years ago. It was one of those performances that was transcendent, that I forgot about all the troubles in my own life, and for a solid three hours, it was just […]

How to Read Bass Guitar Tabs?

By Bass Guitar Dojo / January 1, 2020

Music aficionados, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs will surely agree that the bass guitar is one of the most sophisticated of musical instruments that is almost always used in recording any and almost music styles. The bass guitar also variously referred to as electric bass or just bass is normally played by using a plectrum (for picking) […]

Ibanez GSR205BWNF 5-String Electric Bass Review

By Bass Guitar Dojo / January 1, 2020

The Ibanez 5-String Walnut Flat Electric Bass I want you to think about your favorite song in the world. Hear it play in your mind and listen to the various musical instruments. What stands out to you? For most people, first and foremost, they will hear the singer and the lyrics.