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Nine Best 5 String Bass Guitar Review

By Rick / April 9, 2020

A five string bass guitar is extremely popular nowadays. But they weren’t the original design. Sometime in the 1970’s there were some high-end manufacturers such as Alembix and Tobias that tested the market by offering five string bass guitars. They were characterized by a low “B” string. Also called an extended range bass, they became […]

How to Read Bass Guitar Tabs?

By Bass Guitar Dojo / April 8, 2020

Music aficionados, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs will surely agree that the bass guitar is one of the most sophisticated of musical instruments that is almost always used in recording any and almost music styles. The bass guitar also variously referred to as electric bass or just bass is normally played by using a plectrum (for picking) […]

Ibanez 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Review

By Bass Guitar Dojo / April 7, 2020

The Ibanez 5 String Electric Bass Guitar I want you to think about your favorite song in the world. Hear it play in your mind and listen to the various musical instruments. What stands out to you? For most people, first and foremost, they will hear the singer and the lyrics. But I want you […]

What Is A Bass Guitar? Development Over the Years

By Bass Guitar Dojo / April 4, 2020

If you want to see the effect of bass on a song, just take your favorite tune and remove that bass from it. You will probably not like the song as much as you did when the bass was still around. This is the reason why the bass guitar is one of the most important […]

Bass Guitar Scales: Learn How to Play Creatively

By Bass Guitar Dojo / April 3, 2020

Do you ever watch someone playing guitar and wonder how they do it? When you have never done this it looks like rocket science but you wonder how someone seems able to do it with their eyes closed. The issue lies in them understanding one of the most important aspects of playing guitar; bass guitar […]