Ibanez 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Review

The Ibanez 5 String Electric Bass Guitar

I want you to think about your favorite song in the world. Hear it play in your mind and listen to the various musical instruments. What stands out to you? For most people, first and foremost, they will hear the singer and the lyrics.

Looking For A 5 String Bass Guitar?

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But I want you to look beyond that, listen to the band. Again, for most people, they will hear the guitar, the piano, and the drums; but I want you to go further and hear an instrument that often goes unnoticed: the bass guitar. For most people, who aren’t musically inclined, picking out the bass guitar in a song can be a very difficult task.

However, if you were to play them their favorite song, and take out the bass line, they would definitely notice something was missing. The bass guitar adds a certain depth to a song and is a necessity for any band or orchestra.

For many, they view the bass as an easier version of a guitar. They see it only has 4 strings, not as many notes, and is “simple” to play. They could not be more wrong.

The bass guitar is a lot more challenging than it looks. It must keep in constant synchronization with the drums, maintaining the rhythm for the duration of the song.

Sometimes bassists must play up to alarming speeds, skillfully moving their hands up and down their instrument in an invigorating way. It is an important instrument that many agree to be challenging, yet exciting to play.

When purchasing a musical instrument, it can be quite a difficult task. There are so many available on the market today that it is hard to know which ones are great and which ones to stay away from.

My goal is to help you find a brand that you will be satisfied with. One of the brands on the market today is the Ibanez 5-String Walnut Flat Electric Bass Guitar. It comes at an affordable price and is available for purchase online/in stores.


The Ibanez 5-String Walnut Flat Electric Bass Guitar comes with a variety of features to meet your musical instrument needs. These features include:

  • Part of the GIO series: Ibanez quality at an affordable price
  • Rigorous inspection
  • Rigorous setup
  • Strong warranty
  • Neck is made of GSR5 maple
  • Body is made of spalted maple top with a sturdy mahogany outline
  • Fretboard is made of premium rosewood with white dot inlays
  • 22 medium frets
  • B15 bridge
  • Dynamix H neck pickup (passive)
  • Equalizer
  • All technological hardware is black
  • Measures 6” x 15” x 44”
  • Weighs 10 pounds


  • Finish is very nice
  • Amazing sound: very great tone
  • Incredibly affordable, especially for the quality
  • Tone sliders can allow for more of a jazzy sound
  • Lightweight
  • Loud volume
  • Great quality
  • High-end look
  • 5 strings add a more resonate sound


  • Strings rattle against the frets a bit
  • Onboard tuner is just okay, sometimes inaccurate
  • On board gain causes feedback when pushed too high
  • Active pickups, better off to manage all your EQ on your amp (these aren’t the greatest)


As I mentioned before, buying a musical instrument is quite the investment. Prices range from under one hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, so you have to be careful before you buy.

That being said, I found the Ibanez 5-String Walnut Flat Electric Bass Guitar to be a great buy, one that I highly recommend. First off, it has a fantastic price, especially for the quality you are getting.

Now I do have to say that the electronics on the board are nowhere near perfect, but they get the job done.

I would recommend doing all your equalizing on your amp itself, rather than use this guitar. Any guitar at this price will not have the state-of-the-art electronics that are available on high-end guitars, but this bass still plays and sounds great—which is more important.

The Ibanez 5-String Walnut Flat Electric Bass Guitar also has a fantastic look. It is lightweight and easy to move from gig to gig.

The biggest piece of advice I can give to you is to always go in person to check out a bass guitar before you buy one. Instruments are all about personal preference, and you won’t truly know if you want to buy a certain brand without holding it and playing it yourself. So, before you buy, go to your local music store and play the brand! Have a great time playing!

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