Accoustic Bass Guitar

When looking for an acoustic guitar it can be extremely hard to tell how good the quality of the guitar is, especially if you are pretty new to playing. Just looking at a guitar from a distance it can be extremely hard to tell if the guitar is of a high quality or if it is very poor; it really gets down into the specific features and materials that the guitar is made up of as well as the overall quality of craftsmanship.

You not only want something that plays the right notes when tuned, you want something that is going to last you a long time and perform the way you want it to. Guitars are made up of a huge range of different woods, a variety of different technical hardware, accessories and designs.

It is important to pick out the essentials of your guitar beforehand so that you can narrow down your options a bit in the vast marketplace that exists for quality guitars today. You want something that is a proper length for you so it is easy to jam out and hit all of the cords you want to hit.

One major thing you may want to take under consideration is how well the guitar is able to project sound when it isn’t plugged into an amplifier. You may not always have an amplifier available so this could be one of the most important factors in your decision making process, the quality of the sound that the guitar is capable of playing without an amp is also a good indication of the overall quality of the unit.

How to choose the best acoustic bass guitar?

When getting down into the specifics of buying a bass guitar there are several factors that may play an important role in your decision making. If you are a beginner you may not want to spend a whole bunch of money on a guitar off the bat.

Largely because a beginner is not used to the tones of an acoustic bass and you may develop a taste in sound that even a particular expensive bass guitar may not be able to perform. Spending less money upfront while you develop your tastes and improve your guitar playing abilities is likely a good plan.

If you are an experienced guitar player, however, you may want to start looking into specifics and be willing to spend a little bit more money on the guitar. Something such as if the guitar has round wound strings compared to flat wound strings can make a huge difference to the sound.

By the time you are experienced you may also have certain preferences as to what kind of wood you want the unit to be made up of in different areas of the guitar as well as what controls if any you want to be on the actual guitar rather than on the amplifier. One important factor that is sometimes the main deciding factor for guitar enthusiasts is the manufacturer of the guitar.

Some manufacturers have been around for decades and buying from a big name manufacturer can give you pretty good confidence that you are buying yourself a high quality guitar. If you are buying your guitar second hand off of someone then make sure that they treated their guitar with care and that the damage they have done to the guitar isn’t affecting the sound that the guitar portrays.

Who should buy an acoustic bass guitar?

All sorts of people may be interested in buying an acoustic bass guitar. With the internet how it is today; it is not impossible to learn to play guitar on your own and you can watch or read a ton of articles online that will teach you how to hold a guitar properly and how to play all of the cords that you need to.

Some videos even go as far as to teach you how to play a whole song which can take a lot of practice especially if you are just starting out. The great thing about acoustic bass guitars is that they are generally pretty loud guitars and you don’t really need an amp in order to be heard over top of other guitars unless you are in a very loud atmosphere.

Bass guitars are very lightweight guitars and some of them are so cheap they are perfect to practice your guitar playing skills on while not blowing a ton of money on a guitar. Although some of the cheaper guitars will likely have some faults to them such as imperfections along where the wood is bound together or imperfections in the varnish or paint. These faults rarely affect the playing quality and they still sound as though you are playing on a much higher end guitar.

To conclude:

An acoustic bass guitar has a ton to offer. If you are a part of a band it can bring that extra pop to your songs that will keep your audience intrigued and singing along.

The acoustic bass is a great compliment to a huge variety of instruments and is even used as a part of many different bands due to the broad spectrum of tones that an acoustic bass guitar has to offer. With the added bonus on not necessarily having to hook up this guitar to an amp, this guitar is a great guitar for road trips, parties and showing off to your friends.

The great thing about guitar’s is that even if you are on a pretty tight budget you can generally find a decent working guitar, even if you have to buy something second hand. It is a good idea to look at manufacturer specifications to make sure that the guitar has the features you are looking for and to make sure that the guitar is compatible with any kind of amplifier or microphone that you have.

When in doubt don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturer directly or post a question in a review section of a product and someone will surely be able to answer any questions that you may have.