Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit Review

The electric guitar starter kit from Crescent sports a full size (46 inches) electric bass guitar. Crescent Musical Instruments not only manufactures starter kits for budding bassists but also violins, acoustic guitars and other related stringed instruments.

The market segment that the company is targeting is that of the beginners in the musical scene looking for a guitar and amplifier kit at an affordable price.

The retail package from Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit consists of the following: an amp cable, a carry case for the guitar, extra set of strings, a set of picks and shoulder straps.


This is a starter kit offered from Crescent Musical Instruments that is an ideal package for an individual taking her/his first lessons. The electric guitar is bundled with a practice amp, a soft carry case and an electronic Crescent marked tuner. The features of the product package are discussed in detail below.

46 Inch Guitar

This is a full sized guitar that is an ideal product for the beginner in the musical scene. The easy to operate electronic tuner supplied with the package makes the user know when things are wrong or right.

22 Fret guitar neck

The guitar that comes with the kit consists of a 22 fret guitar neck. This makes the guitar an ideal instrument for the noobs. This is due to the simple fact that covering and controlling a 22 fret neck is much easier than that of a 24 fret neck.

If you are willing to be in the jazz or country music genre, then opt for a 22 fret guitar, but if the goal is to go for the rock genre that demands long and dramatic solos every now and then, opting for the 24-inch fret is crucial.

Equipped with Three Pickups

The guitar is fitted with three pickups electronically designed in the single coil design for maximum output.


The guitar is equipped with one volume and two tone adjusting knobs for the convenience of the musician.


The guitar is constructed from basswood for lightweight feel bundled with great finishing. The neck of the guitar is also made from the same material adding to the appeal of the product.

The amplifier

A basic 15-watt amplifier equipped with basic and advanced controls such as the volume, treble, mids and bass knobs. It is pretty basic and is recommended only for practice sessions and not for performance scenarios.

But if the rocker inside you needs to come out for some time, opt for the ‘mid’ feature equipped in the amplifier which will scope out your tones and mid ranges for a relatively better output.


  • It’s a complete kit that consists of an electric guitar, an amplifier, extra batch of strings, set of picks, and a Crescent marked electronic tuner for all your tuning needs
  • Great value for money, affordable all round starter kit ideal for the beginners and for practice sessions
  • The guitar neck is equipped with 22 frets instead of 21 as it normally is the case in such affordable guitars and kits. This is not exactly a Unique Selling Point of the product, as the beginner won’t be using that extra fret at all!
  • A full sized 46 inch guitar
  • Three single coil pickups on the neck of the guitar
  • On board knobs for volume and tone controls
  • Lightweight basswood construction with superfine finish
  • Kit includes 15 watt amplifier and electronic tuner for convenience and fun practice sessions


  • Not exactly a work of art due to the price range
  • Designed specifically for the beginners and to learn the tricks of the trade
  • Ideal for student years and practice sessions
  • Not recommended for professional performances

How the product serves your needs?

This is a complete kit for the students and beginners in the guitar arena. Everything you need to set up a guitar lesson such as an amplifier, extra set of strings, a guitar (obviously), a tuner etc. all are included in the kit which provides the user with the convenience of getting everything they need and want with one single purchase.

This also removes the hassle of going on a hunting spree for acquiring all the separate equipment needed. The deal breaker is the affordability factor of this product, one doesn’t need to spend a lot of money while opting for this kit.

How is the product different from that of its competitors?

Even though the starter kit is offered at a cheap rate, it provides great value for money as it comes topped off with an amplifier and electronic tuner.

In terms of quality, it lags behind if we compare to products from manufacturers like Dean, Ibanez etc those are established companies and can afford infrastructure and manpower for churning out quality products at higher price ranges.

Crescent is a relatively new player in the field, yet they offer products at an affordable range ideal for a person who has just begun to take guitar lessons from an instructor.

In terms of price, the kit holds the advantage as the same is bundled with an electronic tuner, a 15-watt amplifier, amplifier connecting cables, guitar bag, extra strings, a set of picks, and a shoulder strap.


The Crescent Electric Guitar Starter Kit offers great value for money. It is a complete kit and it contains a full-size guitar, an amplifier, amplifier connecting cables, spare set of strings, spare set of picks, and an electronic tuner.

The affordable price doesn’t mean that the built quality is bad or poor. The basswood body, the perfectly contoured shape of the guitar and the lightweight feel of the guitar makes the lessons a sheer pleasure.

The amplifier can provide an output of a mere 15 watts but is capable of delivering quite a punch if pushed too hard. Well, this is no god of guitars, but yes a product worth trying out if your budget is low and you are a beginner.

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