Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar Product Review

Dean Guitars is an American company founded in the year 1976, Chicago, Illinois. It is the brainchild of Dean Lezinsky but gained popularity after the trade name was acquired by Elliot Rubinson’s organization Armadillo enterprise. Popularly known as Dean, Dean Guitars is a manufacturer of musical instruments, specifically stringed ones.

The company made its mark on the stage by providing the musicians of both the past and present era with their range of sturdy yet lightweight range of bass, electric and acoustic guitars. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida.

They are also engaged in the manufacture and development of resonator guitars, banjos, mandolins, amplifiers and other light yet essential musical instruments and customized equipment. In this feature, their E09M Mahogany constructed Electric Bass Guitar from the Edge series will be critically analyzed for the sake of the prospective buyer.


The Dean E09M Edge is a perfectly tuned, great sounding, well built and sturdy electric bass guitar. The best part, all of this offered at a very affordable price range.

The guitar sports a perfectly curved body that facilitates convenience and playing comfort to the guitarist. Further, in detailed features are discussed below

Looks and built

The whole of the guitar is manufactured using the all natural material. The guitar body is artistically constructed from mahogany wood, which enables the guitar to flaunt a lightweight body.

The contoured maple neck of the guitar allows the guitarist to finely tune the strings as per requirement. The seriously good looking guitar employs vintage Dean bridge and Soapbar style Dean sourced pickups.

The Edge Series

We know that beauty is a superficial feature, but Dean offers an exception. They fused beauty with performance and came up with their Edges series of bass guitars.

The guitar is beautifully contoured for playing comfort and due to the basswood style of construction, they were capable of making the guitar light. Dean equipped the guitar with a customized heel and joint for the unhindered access of the strings till the end of the octave neck.

The edge series of bass guitars are offered in choices of six, five and four string models. The Edge 09M is the most affordable model in the Edge series of bass guitars.

Mahogany constructed body

The perfectly contoured body of the Edge 09M is made for the ultimate playing comfort and convenience. This is due to the basswood style of construction, added with mahogany with the natural finish that adds to the appeal of the product.

Perfectly Contoured 34-Inch Maple Neck

The edge series of bass guitars offers a smooth and finely tuned neck made from maple wood, featuring a fingerboard made from rosewood and vintage abalone-dotted inlays. The overall length of the guitar is a bit long due to the presence of 22 frets in the same.

Accessing the frets on the higher ends is quite difficult in similar bass guitars. This is not the case in this one due to the presence of a deep cutaway coupled with customized heel and joints from Dean. This makes the seamless access to the higher notes possible whenever the guitarist wants.

Dean Sourced Passive Style Pickup

The Edge series 09M Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar is equipped with Dean sourced soap-bar form passive mode pickup. This ensures smooth low notes, energetic high notes, and lots of response while playing with added command over tone. The overall responsiveness of the guitar makes it highly adaptable as per your musical style.

Black Dean Hardware

Dean range of guitars is well known for their retro look and classic style. The stylized vintage look of the bridge designed by the craftsmen of the company allows the musician to set up the parameters as per the requirements. The die-cast tuners supplied with the retail package ensure that the guitar is always in tune.


  • Top constructed from: Mahogany Wood
  • Body Construction form: Basswood Style
  • Overall Length: 34 inches
  • Neck Material: Maple Wood
  • Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
  • Inlays Form: Dotted Abalone
  • Tuner Material: Die-Cast
  • Overall Appearance: Black
  • Bridge Style: Vintage from Dean
  • Pickup Form: Passive style
  • Finishing: Natural Satin


  • Abalone dotted inlays coupled with rosewood fretboard and a 34-inch maple neck
  • Equipped with treble and volume control
  • Soap-bar style pickup sourced from Dean
  • Adjustable intonation
  • Retro style bridge from the house of Dean
  • Tuners supplied with the retail package are manufactured from die-cast metal
  • Satin finished basswood body


  • Quality control at Dean should be enhanced
  • Retail package consists of only one passive pickup if you want spares you’d need to pay more

How the product serves your needs?

The Dean E09M Edge is a perfectly tuned, great sounding, well built and sturdy electric bass guitar. The best part, all of this offered at a very affordable price range. The guitar sports a perfectly curved body that facilitates convenience and playing comfort to the guitarist.

The maple wood neck is profiled in such a way by the team of craftsmen at Dean which enables fast, easy and sleek performance. The Dean designed heel and joint that sports an asymmetrical four bolt design for the smooth movement of the hand all through the 22 fret neck.

A single strum by the soap bar style pickup from Dean results in a significant output. The overall satin finish of the wood body, garnished with ebony black hardware, mahogany wood body all adds to the appeal of the guitar.

How is the product different from other bass guitars?

The affordability factor of the guitar and the manufacturer’s overall popularity already makes this an appealing option to the budding as well as the professional musician over other similar ones.

There are similar features on offer from other manufacturers, if we consider Ibanez GSR200BWNF 4-String Bass Guitar, one thing we can say is that they are new in the game.

They offer their products in higher price ranges and do not offer the guarantee and overall satisfaction that one gets after purchasing a Dean product. So all in all, this is a must buy if one is looking for a product that is trustworthy and offers great value for every dollar spent.


Go for it! It’s an affordable, great performing and awesome looking bass guitar that is garnished with a dash of nostalgia due to its retro and vintage appearance.

The Unique Selling Point of the Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar  is that it offers great value for money, performance, features and satisfaction due to the popularity of the Dean brand.

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