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How to Read Bass Guitar Tabs?

By Bass Guitar Dojo / August 14, 2017

Music aficionados, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs will surely agree that the bass guitar is one of the most sophisticated of musical instruments that is almost always used in recording any and almost music styles. The bass guitar also variously referred to as electric bass or just bass is normally played by using a plectrum (for picking) or by thumping, tapping, popping, strumming, slapping, and plucking. Bass guitars find extensive applications in studio recordings and during staging of jazz, rock, pop, heavy metal, country, blues, gospel, and punk rock concerts. Learning to play a bass effectively requires the individual not only to have latent music talent but also a profound penchant for the instrument. In order to master the instrument, you’ll first have to pick up the bass tablatures or simply bass tabs.


How to Record Bass Guitar?

By Bass Guitar Dojo / August 7, 2017

Of all the different kinds of guitars including acoustic, electric, electro-acoustic, archtop, twelve-string, and double-neck guitars to name a few, mastering the bass guitar is perhaps the most demanding and arduous. No wonder then that the bass guitar is invariably used for recording music in a variety of genres including but not limited to jazz, symphonic rock, blues, R&B, blues, gospel, reggae, country, heavy metal, and rock. The bass guitar models usually come with 4, 5, or 6 strings and always have two less strings than say an acoustic or archtop guitar. A bass guitar always has a unique role to fulfill, regardless of whether the instrument is played in a studio recording or strummed at a live concert.


How to String a Bass Guitar: A Guide with Tips and Tricks for Beginners

By Bass Guitar Dojo / June 23, 2017

I am sure that most people considers music as a huge part of their lives. People listen to it every day and it can be heard anywhere we go. Music does not necessarily mean that it is a song. It can be as simple as the sound of the wind brushing through the trees, rain dropping on the roof, and even the sound of your loved one’s voice or laugh. Music has created such a positive impact on us. It is universal and has served as a big factor that has united people from different places and different languages. It is also one of the oldest forms of art and every culture and civilization has made music.


How to EQ a Bass Guitar to Obtain that Cleaner, Smoother,and Better Sound

By Bass Guitar Dojo / June 16, 2017

Music is the greatest form of art there is. It helps us express our thoughts, creativity, and individuality. It has also helped us connect with other people from different parts of the world and has been dubbed as the “universal language”. For example, you can meet people who has the same music taste as you and because of this you will be able to have a sort of bond. Music has been there during our celebrations, extremely long car rides, and even our heartaches. It is timeless which has been here for centuries and the music that was created back then are still being listened to up until now.


How Much Does a Bass Guitar Cost?

By Bass Guitar Dojo / May 30, 2017

Rumble of a bass guitar instils the soul in the rhythm of any band. Over the years the instrument has evolved from being a classical double bass guitar to a variety of styles and options. Usually, the variants and the quality of materials used determines the pricing of a guitar. But the question here you might ask would be, how much does a bass guitar cost? On an average, a basic bass guitar would cost around $500 to $700. But again, the pricing varies from the type of guitars you prefer buying. For an example, you might be looking for a guitar that offers a soft and a traditional sound. In this case, it would be wise getting an acoustic bass guitar instead of the amplified electric bass. On the other hand, if you go for any guitar besides the traditional 4-string electric variants, the prices would generally be high. Generally speaking, the cost of a guitar would go up with an increase in the number of strings that are attached to the instrument. Types of Bass Guitars Three basic kinds of bass guitars are available in the market, they are: Electric Bass It is the most popular option that majority of bands purchase due to the solid foundation of music they offer. On an average, these would cost anywhere around $600. Acoustic Bass A slightly expensive variant, these are usually priced around $800. However, it may go up depending on the quality of materials used. Hybrid Electric Acoustic Bass This combines the features of both the above variants. The acoustic bodies along with on-board electronics enable amplification of the basses and these guitars can be attached with equalizers and tuners. The cost of these guitars is fully dependent on the number of accessories included. How does the number of strings determine the cost of bass guitars? Going back in history you will observe that bass guitars always came with 4 strings. However, in the last decade or so, most instruments have undergone innovation. Initially coming with 4 strings, these are available with options of up to 12 strings. A higher number of strings enable playing the music in spaced intervals i.e. usual or full octaves. Adding extra strings usually requires modification to the standard designs and hence results in the rise in prices. How to buy an inexpensive guitar? Looking for inexpensive options? Well, the best thing to do would be buying any of the used guitars. The market has a number of used instruments that can be bought from both the conventional stores as well as several online platforms. Though this is a feasible option, you should ensure that you get your instrument inspected by a professional before purchasing. Usually, a used beginner guitar might cost you around $300 and it is a better idea to purchase a used guitar if you have just started the journey of a musician. On the flip side, if you are opting for a new guitar, make sure you purchase the old-fashioned […]


Different Bass Techniques That Are Important To Learn

By Bass Guitar Dojo / May 16, 2017

None of us are born experts when it comes to playing the bass. If you are aspiring to play the guitar, you should strengthen your basics and learn about the common bass techniques. However, there is no single way in which you can play the bass correctly. But certainly, the basics remain the same. Some important terms and techniques you should be knowing include: Up is Down & Down is Up for the Bass Guitar For any student that starts playing the guitar, the 1st and foremost thing that confuses are the terms up, down, high, and low. An example to this would be: In a scenario where a person says to go up one string, he/she actually means going up in pitch and not the physical space of the instrument. For the bass, going up a string refers to fretting hand being moved towards the floor. Similarly, up the neck would mean moving towards the body of the bass making the pitch go higher. The quicker you understand these terminologies and their implications, the better you would do when playing the guitar. Plucking Bass Techniques Another perspective is to pluck the strings of your bass. Although, there is not a single way you could do this, but there are some good and bad ways. Hence, seeking as many perspectives possible would help you grow stronger as a student of the bass. The number of ways for doing this is endless and you certainly have the option of making your own technique. A few approaches that might be of use would include: 1.  Finger Numbering: Many musicians prefer numbering their fingers for the bass. Like T could be the thumb, 1 being the index finger, 2 being the middle finger, and so on. 2.  Trimmed fingernails: To avoid nail catching the strings, it is recommended to keep the finger nails trimmed and short. 3.  Hand reflexes: Plucking the hand hang limp in the natural shape of your hands while keeping them loose, you can reflex shape in a manner that there is no need of tension. 4.  Using alternate fingers: In order to improve plucking speed and efficiency, it is often recommended to at least use 2 fingers. Most would prefer using the index and the middle fingers alternatively. 5.  Knowing where to pluck: Depending where you pluck on the string, you can produce a range of tones through your bass guitar. If you pluck nearer, it will offer a fatter and warmer tone. Moreover, if you pluck near to the bride, it will produce a percussive and brighter tone. 6.  The Power you Pluck: Often you might come across musicians playing at live shows adopting aggressive styles of music. You might wonder if they are digging in and plucking hard, but that’s not the case. You need not pluck the strings hard to produce such sounds and doing so might cause several bad things. 7.  Avoid forceful repetitions: Using amp can take light and small sounds from the fingers […]


How to Set Up a Bass Guitar Correctly

By Bass Guitar Dojo / April 25, 2017

Once the excitement if buying a new bass guitar has faded, the serious business of setting up the instrument must begin. In order for you to play the instrument right, you will need to set it up properly. Even when you are not buying yours brand new, you still need to set it up so that it is just right for you.


Bass Guitar Songs to Teach You the Instrument

By Bass Guitar Dojo / April 18, 2017

Someone who has never played bass guitar will find it difficult to believe that this is an easy instrument to learn. If you come to think of it, you will notice that almost every band worth mentioning, and some not so worthy, has a song that includes some kick ass bass lines. What makes these lines easy for someone looking to learn is that they are not usually designed to lead the band, but rather to play a supportive role. So, you do not have to worry about messing up the song while you learn.There are various ways by which you can learn to play the bass guitar. You can go to school and spend money and months learning or buy a book and teach yourself over time.If you do not have all the time for that, you can find some of the bass guitar songs we suggest here and learn as you go. We think the last way if the one that will give you more fun without costing you lots of money and time.Mix Learning MethodsBefore we go further, let’s clarify something. We are not suggesting that you should rely on learning the bass guitar just by playing songs. This will limit you.If you just learn the songs, you may be able to play those songs well but the problem is that you will not develop fully past those songs. Songs should be used together with other methods of learning such as through a good instructor.Using other methods of learning will teach you a lot more from the song. You learn more about both the instrument and the music behind the instrument.Songs can help you to understand other aspects of the music such as how the song uses rhythm and how the notes on the song are laid out. If you learn the various concepts from a song, you will soon be able to create your own songs and baseline using your guitar.The Best Guitar Songs to Learn FromIn selecting the easiest songs you can use to learn the bass guitar, we wanted to mix them in a way that they represent different genres.Can’t Stop By Red Hot Chili PeppersThis song by the Red Hot Chili Pipers is a classic. Many people will be intimidated by the fact that this song involves slap bass playing.What we can tell you is that you will be able to learn it even if you have no idea how to slap. The trick when using this song to learn how to play the bass guitar is to remember to take things slow. You can check out the video of this song on YouTube and start learning today.Billie Jean by Michael JacksonThere are a number of songs by Michael Jackson that you can use to learn how to play bass guitar. Two songs come to mind; Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean. Billie Jean is slightly difficult to learn but you will love the challenge. Just look at Michael Jackson in this song and […]