The Davison Guitars Full Size Electric Bass Guitar Review

Are you looking for a full-size bass guitar manufactured by people who know what a complete package is? Then you may as well say you are looking for the Davison Guitars Full Size Electric Bass Guitar. When you buy this product, you will buy nothing else.

All you need to do once you receive the package is to plug in and start doing what you love. The guitar comes with an amp. It will also work well with the majority of bass guitar software, recording systems and games.

The Davison Guitars Full Size Electric Bass Guitar is a product of a company that does nothing else but basses and guitars. This is an indication of the passion for these kinds of instruments.

All instruments mad by Davison are specifically made with the person who will use them in mind. This is the reason why you can expect to get guitars for all abilities and ages in their range.

The people at Davison promise that as much as they are available for you before you buy the guitar, they will also be there once you have made the purchase.  The company is a family business which is still driven by its founding philosophy; to enhance the experience of every bass and guitar player wherever they are in the world.


When the manufacturers of this guitar promised that no one will match them when it comes to quality and affordability, we decided to give this product a closer look. We present some of the features that impressed us below.

  • The guitar is a full size 45”
  • The classical look is enhanced by a high-gloss finish
  • The body is contoured to ensure comfort when playing the guitar
  • Designed to work with the leading software in the industry
  • The instrument is delivered with all the accessories you need to start playing
  • Equipped with durable diecast tuners
  • Designed for right-hand dexterity


  • The guitar holds tune well
  • The strap gives comfort but this can certainly be improved by getting a better more expensive strap
  • The instrument is great for beginners
  • Comes with an amp that is loud enough not to disturb others around
  • The bag is fine, but you can always get a better one for the instrument if you can afford


  • After using the guitar for a while, you may start to hear a buzzing sound coming from somewhere in the head of the instrument
  • The tone knob does not seem to make a difference, may as well not have been included
  • The guitar may be rather small to use at a gig, making it more ideal for use as a practice instrument


It is easy to look at the price of the Davison Guitars Full Size Electric Bass Guitar and expect less. However, when you eventually get the instrument in your hands, you will be impressed by the quality and what it can do.

The product is a reflection of the experience that the people at Davison Guitars have accumulated over the years.

The amp is loud enough to be played without driving other people around crazy. This makes the instrument ideal for beginners or children who are just starting to learn how to play bass guitar.

If you wish to get an amp which is more powerful, you can always upgrade it later.

The instrument has a good balance and the weight is distributed with the aim of making it comfortable for extended periods. The knobs are designed well.

For smaller people, the guitar can be a little heavy but for some bigger people, it may look rather small.  After using the guitar for a little while, you may start to experience a buzzing sound coming from the head. To mitigate this, you will need to ensure that the instrument is adjusted properly when you receive it.

When you look at all the features, you will conclude that this is a product made for someone just starting out with the aim of learning how to play guitar.


If you love products from Davison Guitars but are working within a tight budget, you can always try the Full-Size Black Electric Guitar. It comes much cheaper than the Davison Guitars Full Size Electric Bass Guitar.

Even though the quality is evidently not as good as the expensive one, it also comes with everything you need to just plug and start playing. If you compare it with the expensive counterpart, you will think that the sound on the cheaper one is subpar.

Another product you can compare the Davison Guitars Full Size Electric Bass Guitar to is the Silverton LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package. The Silverton guitar looks more expensive but a closer look will show that it comes with more stuff in the package that the Davison Guitars.

When you look at it for the first time, you get the impression that it is a well-built product.


We think that Davison Guitars has earned it a place among companies which manufacture great music instruments. For this reason, we find it easy to recommend the products they make.

They manufacture guitars and basses that are affordable and aimed at someone who is just beginning. We also like the fact that the new guitar comes in a package with everything you need to start playing.

The features we love about this product include the fact that it holds tune very well enabling it to produce a great sound. The weight is comfortable although this depends on your size.

It may be too big for someone small and rather small for someone big. We recommend this product for someone at the beginning of their bass guitar playing days. Even after saying this, we still believe it will work well for a professional who wants something to practice with.

If you do not know how to tune your own instruments, ensure that you get someone to do it for you. It the guitar is not properly tuned, you may mistakenly believe that the product is not good enough.

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