Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package, Liquid Black Review

Want to buy a bass guitar and an amp package combo? Of course there are plenty of options in market but if you are planning to buy a performance-pro along with good look and cost efficiency in one deal, perhaps Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package, Liquid Black is one of the best options you will prefer for you.

Before you take a look at its musical features, check what the ideal features of a quality bass guitar and related package are.

Ideal features of a bass guitar you need to check:

  • No matter if you are an expert or a beginner, fretted guitar is the best: it ensures better grip.
  • According to expert guitarists, it is always good to go for a 4-string instrument.
  • Do you have unusually small hands? If yes, go for short-scale bass.
  • You should select a bass that is easy to operate with simple control features: thus you will get to be focused on string, and knobs will not distract you.
  • You must like the style of the instrument: It will keep you happy always while playing the instrument.

Counting all these aspects, Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar is a prudent choice for you.  Existing users have claimed about its great clarity of sound, easy maneuverity, and smart black look.

Want to check its model specific features? Read on…

The features:

  • The bass guitar is equipped with all facilities you need to master the rhythm.
  • The music playing features include digital tuner, BAXs bass amp, strings, strap, picks, cable, gig bag, and instructional DVD for first time users.
  • Liquid black Silvertone LB11 bass guitar is made in a way that offers relaxed balance, warm resonance, and balancing tone.
  • BAXs bass amp is well equipped with 10-watt RMS power, 6.5” speaker, and 4-band equalizer.
  • Precision-styled neck, body, and pickups deserve special mention, which may influence buyers’ attraction.
  • Traditional dual cutaway shaped body radiates a smart appeal.
  • Maple wood made bolt-on-neck and rosewood made fingerboard are two exclusive features of this beautiful guitar.
  • 20 Fret 34″ scale and chrome finished die-cast tuning machines grabs attention.
  • The musical instrument is covered with limited lifetime warranty by manufacturers.

What a box contains as the complete package:

  • A Stun 1 electric tuner
  • A Gig bag
  • Nylon strap
  • A cable to connect amplifier
  • Guitar picks
  • An instructional DVD for learning the way to play the guitar with best output.


  • Great starter bass.
  • It is one of the best bass guitars for practice.
  • Fingerboard made of rosewood.
  • 20 Fret 34″ Scale is an added advantage.
  • BAXs Bass Amp is perfect for practicing
  • Worth the price.
  • Smart look.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Small Amp can be a hindrance for beginners.
  • Aside from the bass guitar and amp, everything else is of average quality.

About the brand

Silvertone is an icon in the American guitar industry since last 50 years. The mission of the brand, as of now, is to design quality musical instruments by using best quality materials.

Silvertone instruments are predominantly known by their modern styling as well as integrating exceptional value to it. Silvertone maintain best quality assurance, so every model of Silvertone guitar comes with a limited lifetime warranty protection.

The Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package may well be the best musical tools you will ever need to buy.

Comparison with other similar products

This item Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package, Sunburst is made of durable and light laminated wood whereas Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit – Redburst Color (Includes Amp & CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner) is made of Laminated & Solid Wood combo, Crescent Electric Bass Guitar Starter Kit – Sunburst Color (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner) is made of basswood and Dean E09M Edge Mahogany Electric Bass Guitar is made of agathis. Fretboard of Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar is made of acer, whereas other fretboards are made of rosewood.

Sunburst’s adjustable guitar bridge system is a definite advantage over fixed and 4-saddle standard configuration.


Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package, Liquid Black is one of the best bass guitars and amplifier combo package available for purchase under completely reasonable price tag.

However, the prime features include BAXs bas amp, fine quality digital tuner, user friendly instructional DVD, strings, nylon strap, guitar picks, cable, gig bag, which will help you to play the tool with best efficiency on your part.

With Liquid black hued Revolver, LB11 bass guitar offers counter balance, get resonance, and silky smooth tone. As it comes with limited lifetime warranty, it is a safe investment.

According to its existing users, the musical instrument package will give you the proper bass feel with its luxuriant, fat tones. It is built with easy to play and adjust-friendly control knobs for ultra-swift adjustment of the sound.

Besides, power play of the solid amplifier is an additional benefit of playing this instrumental package. It is user friendly, durable, and you will mostly enjoy its output if you can play it soulful.

In terms of quality, price, branding, as well as concerning users’ review and warranty privilege, the music guitar and amplifier duo is flawless. Its quality output in terms of price range and function is really commendable in its product category.


Silvertone LB11 Bass Guitar and Amp Package, Liquid Black is a great option for buying a handy and performing musical tool with great output. Regardless you are a professional guitarist or a newbie, the package will keep you entertained and contended in playing music.

Once you have bought a Silvertone guitar and amp package for showcasing your musical talent, you will be privileged for long with its powerful supportive performance.

The Silvertone LB11 bass and amp combo pack is a good investment, especially since the product finish is nice-looking, and ir renders quality performance, hence it’s worth purchase.

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