Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar Review

Irrespective of the fact that you are in search of an affordable or a premium guitar, the market features options for everybody. Ibanez as a brand features some great looking and functional guitars today. One of their popular products that are equally good for beginners and experts is the Ibanez (GSR200SMNGT).

This guitar comes with 4 strings is considerably easy to carry owing to its light weight of merely 9 pounds. It is made in Indonesia and imported across several countries like the USA, UK, Australia, etc.

The company features the guitar in three different variations i.e. black, brown and Left handed-Walnut Flat. On the 1st look, it gives an impression of well-crafted guitar that has been finished using some fine materials.

In order to evaluate it further, we try to look at the features, advantages and disadvantages in the comprehensive review below.

So what makes this guitar so appealing?

Besides the aesthetics, there are some functional features that contribute towards its popularity. This GIO series guitar has been developed for players wanting a comprehensive affordable package.

The company projects as a specially crafted guitar that has been built after a rigorous inspection and set-up. The basic features or components included are below.

  1. GSR4 Maple Neck
  2. Salted Maple Top or Mahogany body
  3. Rosewood fret board with white dot inlay
  4. Medium frets
  5. 22 Frets
  6. B10 bridge
  7. Dynamic P neck pickup
  8. Dynamix J bridge pickup
  9. Phat II eel Hardware

To evaluate the standard and quality of the Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar Review, we go deeper in terms of what it offers and how well they meet the expectations of a beginner who is looking to start learning. These basic elements clubbed with good quality materials contribute in making this an attractive guitar.

Body & Neck

Checking out the body finish and shape, this appears to be straightforward bass guitar. The design is inspired from the elite basses with minor modifications and treated with basic solid color finishes.

Having an Agathis as Tonewood and a amazing maple design, the guitar sports a rosewood fretboard. While comparing it with other affordable guitars, the SGR200 scores more for featuring a basic fixed bridge that is fitted with an adjustable and functional roller saddles, basic synthetic nut and tuning machine set.

However, the tuners many would say could have been better than the ones fitted with this model as aggressive users might be difficult.


To our surprise, this guitar has an active set of electronics instead of the commonly used passive sets offered in most of the affordable guitars. There is the split coil pickup towards the neck followed with a single coil near on the bridge. This feature is definitely something that can make it out beat some of the conventional cheap guitars in the market.

Sound Produced

Now, this is the area that truly decides how it scores against any of its closest competitors. The evaluation should always be done by keeping in your thoughts that it is a beginner’s bass guitar. Despite having a wide range of things to work around for tone shaping, the capabilities are still limited.

However, the warmth, low-end response and precision are something that needs to be appreciated about the GSR200. These elements surely make it an option that is best suited for different varies of music genres.


  • Plays comfortable with limited adjustments
  • Attractive & premium looks
  • Good precision in terms of sound quality
  • Works well for recording or clubbing
  • Budget Friendly Beginners Guitar
  • Promising basic end response
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Could have include better quality of strings
  • Strings hit the fingerboard a lot
  • Pilot holes for the heel joint can be clumsy and splintered at times

What more could you expect from the guitar?

Ibanez for years has been known to be a manufacturer that offers various kinds of guitars in the affordable price category. This is quite true for the present range of bass guitars that the company is offering.

Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar here is an ultimate beginner model and its aesthesis and easy to use features contribute towards its popularity.

The guitar is a part of the GIO series that is fitted with medium frets and boasted with dynamic P Neck Pickups. It’s curved edges and innovative design provides a comfortable hold while playing it.

Moreover, the weight is pretty decent making it easy to carry and travel with wherever you go. Besides offering the standard version for the right-handed players, the company also has a dedicated model for the lefties.

It is a walnut flat guitar that comes as an option along with the two other variations in the standard category.

Comparing it Against Other Competitors

Squier by Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar Special Short Scale Bass is a close competitor which has been priced almost at the same price. It also comes with an agathis body clubbed with maple C-shaped neck.

This is definitely appealing but the place where GSR200 scores better is the inclusion of setup instead of the passive setup in the product by Squier.

Another product that stands as an affordable option is the Dean Edge 09 Bass, Classic Black. It has been priced less than the GSR200, but there is a range of differences that makes you pay happily for this model by Ibanez.

Primarily the build quality and the appealing look make GSR200 a better-looking alternative.


To summarize the features and benefits the Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar comes with, a single term that truly defines it is “An affordable beginner’s bass guitar.”

It has evolved from a single passive split coil into an active setup that is rarely found in the segment it is offered in. The build quality, easy to tune and the quality of sound is some of the appealing features that can dethrone some of the popular selling affordable brands.

With proper care and standard precautions, this guitar can last for several years and stay in the best of its conditions. Hence, if it’s a solid yet affordable bass guitar to start learning, this is the model to go for.

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